Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Collective Monograph

We invite contributions for a collective monograph to be published in English, commemorating the 20-year anniversary of the accession of several Central and Eastern European (CEE) states to the European Union in 2004. The release of this publication will follow our conference as a continued effort to celebrate the transformative influence of EU law on national social law systems in the CEE region.

Topics for contributions:

  • Equality in Social Law
  • Migration and Social Law
  • Collective Rights in the Era of Multinationals
  • Roma and Travelers in CEE
  • Rights of the Elderly
  • Work-Life Balance from CEE Perspective
  • Cross-Border Healthcare among CEE Countries

Join us in contributing to this collaborative work that explores the dynamic interplay between EU directives, national legislation, and evolving judicial interpretations, shedding light on the achievements and challenges faced by CEE states!

Abstract Guidelines:

  • Anyone interested to participate can send an abstract of their contribution to
  • Abstracts should be concise, informative, and clearly outline the scope and significance of your proposed contribution.
  • The maximum length for abstracts is 300 words.

Please note that while we welcome diverse perspectives and contributions, we reserve the right to decline abstracts that do not align with the conference’s themes or objectives. We appreciate your understanding in this regard as we strive to maintain the quality and relevance of the collective monograph.

Proposed Schedule

10th February 2024

Abstract Submission Deadline

15th March 2024

Decision on Abstracts

30th April 2024

Deadline for Full Manuscript Submission

Until 31st July 2024

Peer Review Process

15th September 2024

Submission to the Publisher

By year end 2024

Expected Publication